Pants too tight or too loose?

'Life-changing' clip-on button makes pants fit perfectly around your waist

Never use an annoying belt again!

  • Once pinned to the waistband it cinches the fabric so it sits tight on the waist

  • The revolutionary invention has drawn rave reviews from 1500 delighted customers

  • It has been hailed as 'super comfortable' and the perfect replacement for a belt 


Dump the belt

The perfect fit button is the new way to secure your jeans. Especially if you don't like wearing belts and want to avoid the bulky look. It has a compact design which allows it to be unnoticeable, giving your mid-section a sleek look.

Weight Change? No Problem

Takes 5 seconds to move the perfect fit buttons to a different position on the waistband. So, No matter if you have lost or gained some inches, you don't have to run out and get a new pair of jeans. Your jeans will fit you perfectly every time.

Love eating out?

If you love eating out often. Bloating can happen unexpectedly. You can loosen your jeans with your fit button instantly. Once you bloating is reduced, simply reposition the button & you have jeans with a figure-hugging fit.
Sale Off
Fit Buttons - Metal (Only $1.99)

Fit Buttons - Metal (Only $1.99)

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